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From little things, big things grow

This cushion was made on a whim, so the end size didnt fit any of the inserts I had. So I made up the back, stuck the too small insert in it, pinned around the pillow shape, too it out and stitched on that line...presto a flange edged cushion!  Yesterday I finally got around to making up this pattern for a bin for the car...its a lot longer then I expected, but that's what happens when you don't read the dimensions first!  I might make a shorter one for DH car, it was very quick to make, took me more time to choose fabric from my stash then anything!  This pattern is by A Ditchin Time Quilts blog and her Car Trash bag tutorial can be found HERE. Please note that I found the pellon insert to be a tad too small/ make a tube of stiff pellon insert (I used interfacing) that sits inside then you can tuck a plastic bag into it - hence it doesn't poke out over the top, but you have a disposable bin liner......very practical!
 I finally got around to finishing these o…

Some work in progress shots

Wow Explorer wants to play nice and do a post, yipee!  I was using Goggle Chrome, but then it was playing up while I was trying to read blogs...would get stuck and you couldnt scroll, so could only read the first few lines of peoples post...or just their header if was a big one, all very frustrating.  So after considerable thinking I decided to read in Explorer and post using Explorer is messing with my mind and being super nice so I am going to use it for both..... fingers crossed!
Before our visitors arrived last weekend I scrounged through the left over strips and managed to find enough to piece the extra 12 blocks I needed to make this top longer.  The piecing resulted in another 6 spool blocks, but they are from the same fabric as the others, so no picture.   I am happy with the size of this quilt now and think it justifies a shopping trip to purchase fabric for a border.  Everything else came out of my stash, so I dont have much left in the purple and green departme…
Sunday turned out to be a very productive day for me in terms of sewing...hmmm Sat was pretty good too!  Mainly because my two little men were so good at entertaining themselves.  Here they are "fishing" in our swimming pool.  The conversation was very entertaining as they bragged about how many fish they were catching!
I decided that I needed to start our new quilt, its going to be a summer quilt, although I doubt it will be ready for summer.   We only have one quilt for our bed...shock horror gasp!  It is a dark blue and cream snail trail (you can view it HERE), I still love it, but the colours and wool wadding make it most suitable for use in winter.  The basket quilt that I fell in love with HERE uses a fresh bright colour palette that deviates from my usual warm/country tones. 

 But when I had a look in my stash there were sufficient fat quarters to help add to the scrappiness and I got some yardage on sale, super special sale!  As you can see I made a start on seven bl…

Keep calm and carry on quilting!

The need to make small achievable items could stem from the large single bed quilt tops I have finished of late.....or perhaps because I have been dreaming of an interesting collection of cushions for so long that I had five new cushion forms in my sewing cupboard. I saw this Union Jack Cushion over at Sweet P's blog (you need to scroll down - pic at the end) who was at a quilt was made with squares and half square triangles...I had drawn up my own pattern previously for foundation piecing, so just let myself be swept away on a whim Friday and got it finished Saturday.  If you look closely you can see that the white fabric has a scissor print on it and the red has a button print.  I brought the scissor print Thursday when I couldn't find fabric with writing on it, like  Lisa is using in her spool blocks.  This is my version of "Keep Calm and Carry on"... Quilting!
This stitchery has been a UFO for some years...I don't confess to UFOs that are not quil…

But its a nice day outside!

I always feel really guilty when I stay inside sewing and its a really nice day outside.  That's why I like winter, because rarely do I feel guilty of "wasting" a nice day!   I have finally stopped thinking about leaders and enders and actually prepared some a few weeks ago, after prompting from Lisa - who was prompted by Bonnie Hunters challenge to make 3" finished spool blocks using 1.5" strips.   I actually didn't read Lisa's email properly and later found out she is making her blocks larger, which makes more sense, but it was too late for me as I had already started cutting extra 1.5" strips.
 While I had some 1.5" strips already cut, I decided I needed to cut up some more fabric out of my stash that I didn't "love" anymore.  The only problem with this is that you can get heaps of blocks out of one strip (especially if its not a fat quarter but the whole width of fabric), so I have a very limited range of blocks made so far.  …

Offline achievements

I successfully made four humbug bags and stuffed the fifth one up, but that's OK as they are pencil cases for my Christmas boxes - so the last one looks more like a traditional pencil case!The border fabric was purchased and attached to the Kwik Krazy Star quilt.  I am really pleased with it and its off to the long arm quilter today.  I pieced a backing as my bargain back wasn't big enough, but I found some cute fabrics to match - ironically I had to pick two that also were the end of the bolt, but the three prints work well together, just took me awhile to work out the best way to make everything fit.  It was also so large (single bed) that I had to peg it sideways on the clothes line to take the photo.   Please excuse my layout but having lots of problems with Blogger, not all the buttons in the composing page are visible and only 1/3 of the window where you compose - and pictures disappear if you try to move them, all very frustrating after being off line so long!  Happy q…

Testing - third attempt!

Yes, I am still alive.  I have been sick again, nothing life threatening, just annoying.  More to the point I have been off line with IT upgrades, which equates to pain in the *&%$#! fiddling and waiting, but apparently we now have bigger and better internet!  So while I was off line I did sew.  I finished this heat bag Dog, which DS1 claimed.  So then DS2 insisted he needed a pink rabbit, so that was made and filled with wheat.  Then I decided a present for a friend was in order and I made the cat...just in time for the heat wave in Adelaide, but luckily it only lasted two days!  Got to go, one hot cat to deliver!  Happy quilting, Sue SA.

Postscript: The pattern for the animal heat bags is called Hot Buddies by Millamac - one of my favourite Aussie designers.