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Bags galore

 Recently DS1 has become fixated on going to visit his grandparents and both sets live interstate.  Our next scheduled visit is not until Christmas time, so in the interim I have made him this backpack, as both a distraction and also to carry his special things in.  DS1 collection of special things has blown out in recently times, to the point that they had to reside in an old nappy box, so this bag is rather large for a backpack, eg bigger then his back!  The vehicles are from a Kellie Wulfsohn quilt pattern - Peak Hour, which was published in the magazine Homespun No 85. Vol 11.6. 
My quilting friend Stacy showed me how to make these bags, using 50 cm of vinyl/pastic coated fabric from Hetties Patch.  I loved the ones Stacy had made her nieces (Christmas gifts with the intention of them being swimming bags) especially the cherry fabric.  So I had to make some for myself, particulary as DS2 started swimming lessons this week.  I thought that he could have the oranges and I could have…

Quickest quilt ever and rescued UFO's

Do you remember the flannel fabric I showed you on Oct 5th I brought for my best friend?  Well here they are! 
When my BF admired my flannel quilt I offered to make her one, based on the colour she liked, terracotta.  Luckily she also liked the pattern, as it is a really quick and easy one.  The thing I like least about patchwork is the cutting, and in this quilt you cut it all out first.  However I found it easy to do with this pattern as you have 12 different fabrics, so I just cut one or two up a day, in between my preferred tasks.  Then before I knew it I had all the blocks together, enabling me to put all together yesterday at my groups "all day sewing" class.  I am very happy with it now its all together.  I am sending the top off for long arm quilting by Vicki Jenkins who had previously kindly donated the quilting on the Kinder I spy quilt.    I brought the backing and binding this morning, so its all ready to go.

Here is a  shot of the Courthouse Steps table runner now…

Courthouse Steps and Harvest Table Runner's

  I made an attempt at trying to show you a close up of my quilting on the Courthouse steps table runner.  I free motioned a figure eight twice, one inside the other vertically and then again horizontally.   I think they turned out OK, certainly all good practise anyway.  I used monofilament thread, which looked so much better then cream and of course was the perfect answer for the dark blocks.  I did take some photos of the finished product, but don't seem to be able to find them at the moment.  Anyway its finished, label and all and on my sideboard, looking good!
 This is the Harvest table runner also completed.  I never did go back and add the extra quilting on the inside of the fruit.  I know I probably should but the monofilament thread is off the machine now, so perhaps next time I load it up!  This table runner hasn't made it onto the table yet, as I have decided that I want to be a bit precious about it.  DS1 is too fond oftexta's and drawing at the table, so I migh…

All in hard days work

 Thursday night I went to the quilters guild meeting and borrowed this book from the library, as I needed to make a girls cot quilt.  AND then I was lucky enough to win four fat quarters that were just perfect to start my project!  But that's not all, as I was leaving, a lady from my group (thank you Julie!) introduced me to two of my blog followers, Dawn and Jude - which was a lovely surprise, so it was a great night out! 

OK so I shouldn't really be starting any more quilts, but with a pattern and fabric in hand it was all too tempting!  I  had to dig through my novelty collection to find some bright prints that would complement the pink and green.  Now I wouldn't normally use bugs for a girls quilt, but they were all so cute, and with two boys I don't have any real girly fabric in my stash.   So I was able to use the pink, green and white polka dot fabric that I won.  But I needed more yardage for the sashing, so back in the stash and came up with this yellow dot f…

Love a good design wall

DH has been on holidays this week, hence I have free access to the PC and his handyman skills during the day! So 1 minute is about the time it took DH to drill in three cup hooks to hang a piece of dowel.  Then another minute to unearth my batting box, which was overflowing with batting scraps and this large piece of prequilted calico.  Prequilted calico is good for making tote bags, but used wrong side out it also proves to be a great design wall!  So not sure why it has taken me two years to organise one?   Anyway now that I have got a design wall I am making good use of it. This is a quilt top that I put together for the charity quilting group I belong to, Quilts from the Heart.  Alan is in his early 80's and donated all the blocks, apparently they were "left overs".  He couldn't be convinced that they were of use to him (he had already made two quilts with this pattern (not sure what the blocks are called sorry) and wanted them to go to a good home, which was luc…

Something old and something new

 This my completed version of Millies Flower Garden, I have used "jewel" tone fabrics, rather then the 1930's prints that I originally saw it completed in.  The only really change I made was  adding the four patch corner stones because I ran out of border fabric (it was from my stash) but I think it looks better for it.  I am really pleased to have completed this project at last, so THANK YOU Kylie for giving me the encouragement!  I must say this is also the first time I have sewn down the binding, hanging sleeve and the label all in the one sitting and that felt great!   Hot on the heels of having a "finish" I decided to throw caution to the wind and purchase some flannels for a quilt for my best friend's birthday.  Last time my BF visited (she lives in Victoria) she admired the flannel quilt that lives on the back of DH arm chair, in particular the terracotta sashing.  So I brought 10 different flan…